In 2002 I began doing web design for a school system I was employed with. Even though I had a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, and had begun my career as a teacher,  I quickly found my true love was in the area of web design.  In 2008 I married my wonderful wife Jessica.  Even though I knew my wife had Cystic Fibrosis, I did not fully comprehend the impact it would have on us.  When she became pregnant in 2009 we were ecstatic, but sobered by some changes that would need to take place to modify the sheer amount of hours away from home teaching required.  This became the catalyst  to follow my passion and launch my web design business, Tyrus Design.


In 2009, Tyrus Design was founded.  The name was influenced by Ty Cobb, because I am a baseball lover from Detroit, and wanted a name that reflected baseball without sounding like a sports design company and Tyrus was the one nation that did not give in to Alexander the Great, which reflected my “never lose/never give in” attitude.  I married the two thoughts and Tyrus Design was aptly named!


Developing a self-made business has given me incredible insight into the hardships of the small business world.  I face challenges every day, so I know the financial difficulties small business owners face regularly.  Sometimes the vital creative areas get pushed to the rear because of costs.  This can be a fatal drain on a business and does not have to be!


I have a passion for helping small businesses because they are the fiber of our country. I am extremely purposed in my desire to help small businesses flourish through high quality,  inexpensive but creative print and  web ad materials.  Not only are my designs effective, they are a representation of my company! Because of that,  I will work with you to give your business the visible message and impact you want to convey to the people you serve and I will not be satisfied until YOU are completely satisfied.